Stefano Franceschini is the bass player for the Italian Death Metal band Hideous Divinity (new band of Hour Of Penance's founding guitarist Enrico S.). As some of you may have noticed, this dude's incredible bass videos have been running around the web for some months now. Here's a bit of his story:

Stefano recorded his first play though video for Hideous Divinity's tune "Cerebral Code Of Obeisance" to show up his skills for fans when he entered HD back in 2012. Then a Decrepit Birth play through followed. Decrepit Birth were running video auditions to pick up a bass player for their upcoming tour at the time. Stefano got to record his video only shortly after auditions were closed, but he chose to publish it anyway. The reaction from fans was awesome and he quickly started getting requests for more covers: Nile, Origin, Cryptopsy, Death, and so on. Stefano rapidly started recording a good bunch of videos growing a solid and passionate fan base. Below, you can enjoy his latest play through for Beyond Creation's "Omnipresent Perception" , together with some of his previous videos. Enjoy! *links*

Stefano is endorsed by Blackhart Guitars and D'orazio Strings. The new Hideous Divinity album "Cobra Verde" is set to be released later this year by Unique Leader Records!

– Tito Vespasiani

^ Notice how he nails that fretless vibe with a fretted bass?

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