From one end of California to the other, For Giants is a two man band looking to bring the sounds of sweet Progressive Metal to your ears. In particular, they strive to bring melody and heaviness together in new and creative ways. Eric Lowery and Earl Lee have been working for the past two years to produce their debut EP, "Depths". And it goes to show that hard work pays off because this release kicks ass! Packing in six tracks, the music will bring you from the surfacing highs to the crushing depths of the ocean.

This EP is certainly worth a good listen for three reasons especially. First off, did I mention that it kicks ass? Second, you can stream through all of "Depths" on Bandcamp. And finally, the entire experience is available for a "name your price" download! Grab it HERE! If you enjoy, be sure to show these artists some support \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp