Conan The Barbarian, anyone?

Sons of Crom is a brand new, two man barbarian band crossing the lands of Sweden and Finland. They write music, likewise, crossing a number of boundaries. Primarily, they focus on a pagan metal sound. This gets infused with black metal, heavy metal, and a primal feast inspired by the likes of Bathory and Enslaved.

Signed with Debemur Morti Productions, they released a digital two-track single "Conqueror" a few days back. This is a strong warm up to their impending debut album, "Riddle of Steel" (Conan people, I'm looking at you \m/). The two parts that form "Conqueror" are "Myrkrarfar" and "Master of Shadows". They both pack steel and muscle in kind. Stream below for a bloody taste.

Now, for the reason we are spreading this packed single today. The tracks are available for a "name your price" download right HERE. Get 'em and be among the proud first to support this band \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp