On Friday June 6th, the Czech djentlemen in Modern Day Babylon visited Italy for a single exclusive Italian show in Modena. The show was featured in a small series shows planned as a promo tour for Dissonance Festival, a new modern metal event in Milan. This year, the festival featured Betraying The Martyrs, Napoleon, Skyharbor, Damned Spring Fragrantia, Lies Of Nazca and many more.

This small "Road To Dissonance Tour" also featured two shows with the Swiss progressive metalcore rising stars Promethee. Both shows were massive! This show in Modena was the last of the tour and had free entry. Direct support came from two great local bands: a new instrumental matchore act named Elegannce Decay and the affirmed team Damned Spring Fragrantia.

The first band, Elegance Decay, immediately brought an energetic performance to the stage and a pretty intense musical attack. They had extremely refined and intelligent guitar work, unfortunately downgraded by kinda defective sound settings in the venue. But the band's composition has got something big and we may all hear about these guys again sooner than later. The band is currently looking for a vocalist, so get in touch if you think you've got what it takes!

I've already described the devastating heaviness of Damned Spring Fragrantia's live show several times on this website. But it's simply never enough and it's only right to let everybody know how massive this band sounds on stage. Even though, yet again, the sound settings weren't the best this time around, they were able to provide an intense, flawless show assaulting the audience (one of the biggest crowds they've played in front of so far) with their impressive sound and riffage. They rolled out the best tracks from their debut full-length album "Divergences" which was released in 2013 by Basick Records. They setlist included "DMZ", "The Obsidian Fate", "Divergency", "Drowning In Cyan" and many more up until the last one "Heritage". Once again, this is one of the sickest live bands in all of Italy. If you've seen them during their recent European tour, you know what I'm talking about.

The Czech djent trio took the stage right after this mind blowing performance as part of the audience was still outside. But they were still in front of a big crowd that only got bigger and bigger during their set. Modern Day Babylon's performance can be summe up with one word: GROOVE. A superb and irresistible amount of groove was unleashed on an enthusiastic audience that enjoyed the band's whole set. Groove empowered by dreamy atmospheres and splendid clear sounds, with very few imperfections that didn't manage to undermine their great performance. The band went through both newer and older tunes including “Infinity”, “Lost In Dreams”, “Instant Djentleman”, “Travelers”, “Hearse the Halo”, “the Unknown Guest” and more (note: order's probably wrong). They left the audience absolutely delighted at the end of their set. The band really looked to have enjoyed themselves too during their first live show in Italy and I'm sure they'll be back soon. The band still has some shows scheduled in Europe during the next few months, so if you have them playing close to you, don't miss them!

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