Let me ask you this… do you even riff? Recently coming out with a new song in pre-production form, "Ouh Mazet", Kadinja boasts some of the best musicians out of France. I cant get enough of these guys. They are out for blood and are definitely making an impression. To put it simply, they do not disappoint.

Even without the production touch ups, I acquire this as one of my favorites. Kadinja puts in the effort and the time to write beautiful, extreme, technically driven music. This is, without a doubt, shaping to be one of the greatest songs I've heard from them.

You guys are my inspiration. If you all can put forth the effort to climb the ladder and continue to explode musically, so can I. Keep them coming. We love your EP, "Henry Call Mash Yes" and now "Ouh Mazet". Damn, you've shown compassion for your music. And if that's not inspiration, I don't know what is at this point in time. Behind every horizon is light, and that's what you all bring to the table with the new song. Also, to my life and the lives of others.

It's time to get stoked for this band's full-length debut! Listen below and prepare yourselves \m/

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