It’s been a while since my playlist made me headbang crazy in public, mosh out of nowhere with my mates in crowded places, but then I streamed this new music video from the new and rejuvenated Suicide Silence and it all came back.

Suicide Silence have finally blown the lid of their huge comeback since the untimely passing of dearly departed Mitch Lucker. With former All Shall Perish frontman Eddie Hermida stepping in to fill the huge void, many beyond the band’s staple fans were curious to see how this thing would fare, but it’s safe to say Suicide Silence are in secure hands.

The band have released another batshit music video to make the deal sweeter, not only will it make you footstomp like crazy and want to get in people’s faces but when you are out of mana you can fast forward to the end and take a cue from my man with the green, Jay Mewes, who makes a guest appearance.

Here it goes:

– Aurko

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