If you are a resident of Eastern Canada, then I am more jealous of you than usual this month, because those sires of multiply orgasmic genre defying metallic awesomeness; Killitorous, are psyching themselves up to head out on a coast-wide tour this August and September. And we here at The Circle Pit are proud as punch to be presenting it. 

The trek starts in Brockville Ontario on the 20th of August and takes in the likes of Toronto, London, Halifax, Quebeck and Ottawa on its way to Hull, OC on September 14th. 

The reason these guys play such varied and exciting metal is that they want to thrash out with and party with everyone in every genre of metal.  So if you love metal so fast that it sets your hair alight and think you can party with the best of them; then get yourself along to the show nearest to you.  Because if you don't: You're Gonna Have A Bad Time.

Now listen to this to get yourselves in the Party Mood, You fine, upstanding Canadian Sons of the Leaf!!

I dunno about you but after that I need a Beer!!

– John Whitmore

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