There’s a new band wreaking havoc on the juggernaut label Unique Leader Records. Bloodtruth brings forward a devastating Brutal Death Metal sound. I’d highly recommend this band for fans of Hour of Penance, Unfathomable Ruination, and those of you who enjoy heaviness in near perfect form.

Currently Bloodtruth is amping up the release of their debut full-length “Obedience”. The album will see the light of day on September 16th in the United States and September 19th in Europe.

They’re supporting this cause with the release of their first single “Foresworn”. As mentioned, this is a devastating introduction for the band. “Foresworn” is headbang worthy material front to and really makes me interested in hearing the rest of this beast called “Obedience”.

If you’re interested as well, be sure to grab your pre-orders HERE!


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