Enough Has Been Said is a strong, uprising modern Metalcore band from Queretaro, Mexico. Their sound is abrasive, technical and catchy enough to keep listeners hooked. I’m pretty sure a lot of Circle Pit followers will straight up love this band.

Their prowess is fully evinced on last year’s album “Battlefield” which packs 8 punishing tracks suitable for the soundtrack of war. Being the band’s sophomore release, they manage to produce a more matured sound simultaneously stepping foot into the vein of nostalgia while keeping the energy level very high.

In particular, the reason why we’re highlighting this band today is for the release of their music video for “Adamantine”. The video, which came out earlier this month, really shows off the skill level of the band while bringing across the song fairly well. You can check it out below along with a full album stream for “Battlefield”!

If you like what you hear, grab it on Bandcamp!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp