We recently had a chance to talk with Marc Okubo, the guitarist / songwriter for Veil of Maya. We spoke about the band’s upcoming album among other things.

Unfortunately, our lackluster microphone did a terrible job, picking up surrounding conversations with Texas Hippie Coalition among other things. You can either listen closely or read the transcribed version speaking on the new album below…

Mike – You guys are working on new music right now.

Marc – Yeah.

Mike – Okay. So how’s that going?

Marc – I mean, we’re almost done with the musical part of it. As soon as this tour’s over we’re gonna come back around here and finish the music with Taylor Larson. Then Will Putney is going to track vocals right after that. So, we have it all planned out. Yeah, we have to finish it.

Mike – That’s awesome. Are there any tracks we should be looking forward to?

Marc – Yeah, all of them!

Mike – Just to ask the obvious.

Marc – Yeah, they’re all their own thing. Subject Zero is not what the entire album sounds like by any means. It was meant to be the intro. We were making an EP last year and we didn’t get to put it out. So we just put out that one song. So, ultimately it will change with our new album.

Mike – Okay, so it just evolved as a song.

Marc – Yeah, and it’s probably not even going to be the intro to the album anymore.

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