You’ve already enjoyed last year’s epic “Scryers of the Ibis”, now it’s time to enjoy this year’s “Scryers of the Ibits”! If you don’t catch my drift, Ovid’s Withering, a band steeped in mythology, is re-releasing their incredible album in 8-bit form. If you still don’t catch my drift, 8-bit music is classic video game style music that happens to fit metal like a glove!

“Scryers of the Ibits” has just seen the light of day this, complete with a retrofitted cover! The band is even offering a merch package complete with a 7″ sculpture of Pan, the Greek mythological god of the wild. Grab both that and “Scryers of the Ibits” HERE!

You can get a taste of this below alongside the full album stream for the legendary “Scryers of the Ibis” \m/

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