The intersection of cosmic and terrestrial influences, music of and from the stars and how we relate to them from our position on Earth. Rest well and travel far, for though you at times may feel that you are without company, hopefully these sounds will remind you that there are others scattered across the globe, who are on a similar journey. Share in it.

The man Tad Piecka really knocked it out of the park into outerspace with this album. His description above is a perfect hint at the aural pleasures in store when you press “play”. Genre boundaries melt away as you project through this incredible experience. Delights emerge through valleys, peaks, and uncharted frontiers as the music progresses. As my friend John Whitmore once said of an album, this is “An album so good, it reduces the act of writing about music to the abstract nonsense it truly is.”

But don’t take my word for it. You can stream the entire album “Makrokosmos” below and witness the greatness for yourself! If you enjoy, be sure to show Petrychor your respect and support. It is fully deserved!


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