The announcement of Polyphia’s debut album “Muse” (to be released in September) has got the world of prog metal/rock quite excited. We’re now dealing with one of the youngest and most surprising acts to appear on the scene in quite a long time.

And to get all these progheads even more excited, the band have now presented the first official single from the album called “Sweet Tea” that features nothing less than a guest appearance from Intervals’ main composer Aaron Marshall! You can hardly get something sweeter than this. And the song itself is a great brew indeed! In fact, I’d go as far to say it’s one of their most original and recognizable tunes so far, looking to add a totally new twist to this genre. Polyphia have been creating something really innovative and personal, with an extremely positive vibe. This is a lovely track from a band that deserves all the attention they’ve recently gained.

In addition to this, Polyphia have also released a brand new play through for the single “87” which was previously released as a pre-pro track.

Go stream the goods below and remember you can preorder “Muse” HERE!

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