Rings of Saturn are giving the first taste of their new album “Lugal Ki En”! And it tastes like a damn knife to the tongue. As to be expected, Rings of Saturn deliver tech death insanity with flying riffs, coldly calculated passages, and enough explosive energy to end the human race altogether. I’ve always described these guys as tech death on crack and they continue living up to that description.

To be more specific, Rings of Saturn have released the track “Senseless Massacre” in the form of a music video. This will actually be the first track on the new album. As may have been hinted, the song itself is bonkers. The video, likewise, does a good job of conveying this. It’s, more or less, metal meets an alien abduction. Give it a go and press “play”!

For more info on “Lugal Ki En”, click HERE

Guitarist Lucas Mann comments…

“Senseless Massacre is the first debut single off of Rings Of Saturn‘s new album, Lugal Ki En, on Unique Leader Records. The music video depicts the band as aliens (full-black eyes) performing on alien-like instruments (Etherial Guitars) with their vocalist, Ian Bearer, being abducted and tortured in extraterrestrial machinery. After being tortured and experimented on, his blood turns blue at the end of the video showing that he has transformed and is no longer human. This conveys the idea that aliens could already be living along side us without the general population being aware of it.”


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