Sean Hall returns! The ex-Elitist guitarist / artistic jack of all trades never fails to impress when his creativity kicks into gear. And as to be expected, he has created some amazing new music in the single “Dreamscapes”. Creative shred, strong backing ambiance, and technical elements merge in abundance through this track.

One of the key points of this track is that Sean has returned to his purely instrumental work after the last venture “Chariots of Fire” featuring the golden pipes of Matt Turkington. While that EP was incredible, it’s always good to see an artist return to their element. And vice versa, it’s cool to see them experiment with different ideas. Being such a multi-talented artist, this guy can pull off just about anything he wants to.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with Sean’s work – it’s highly recommended for fans of ERRA, Northlane, Elitist (whoda thunk?), or just anyone who enjoys high end modern metal.

Go ahead and give “Dreamscapes” a listen. Grab it HERE if you enjoy!


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