Satanic prayers have been unanswered, at long and last, finally we have A NEW FUGGIN’ SLIPKNOT track!! And now, there’s a new music video to go with! Yes, ladies and gentle ladies, it’s true. The seemingly impossible news which was made into a bleaker and bleaker prospect with the death of old bassist Paul Gray, the departure of Joey Jordison, and a host of other tiny probable butterfly effect issues.

Unsure whether the single is the title track since the band have also released the album, we at The Circle Pit are already wracking our brains to figure out who the new drummer could be (rumors have been going around – Chris Adler being one name) and if the old bassist of the band Donnie is the one who we heard on the new track.

The track is as of now streaming proudly on the band’s site and you can find the music video below! Feast your eyes on their creepy as(s) fug cinematography and artwork!

Maggot for life, bitchez!



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