Here's a great Bandcamp find. Confessions of a Traitor is a brand new five-man-band emerging from London / Essex. Their goal is to bring you the best metalcore / melodic hardcore sound they can. And for the good part, they succeed.

Their debut "Seasons" saw the light of day in late Summer, bringing well constructed heaviness and mosh pits for all! It racks up 7 tracks, clocking in approximately 30 minutes of music. All of the tracks carry salt in one way or another, but my favorites would have to be #3 "The Wolf, The Pack" and the final installment "Where Horizons Meet".

You can listen to the entire EP right here, right now! Click "play" on the Bandcamp below where you can also grab the music for a "name your price" download! Enjoy and support!


Links: Facebook // Twitter // Bandcamp