Gunfire is an interesting band emerging from Italy. What really caught my attention is their ability to merge old and new ideas together to take something fresh. To be more specific, they take the sweet sounds of classic Heavy Metal and submerge them in a Progressive Metal thought process. This yields some great results!

Their brand new album "Age of Supremacy" is a perfect example of what this can bring. Released earlier this month through Jolly Roger Records, the band has really brought forth a solid effort. You can have a taste through the preview and Bandcamp tracks below!

Gunfire have actually been skimming the European underground circuit for quite awhile now, on the move since the 80s with one notable hiatus. This does lend advantage as their sound is matured and confident in it's direction. I'm honestly somewhat surprised more people aren't aware of this band. Check em out! And if you like the music, show some much deserved support and pick it up!


Links: Facebook // Official Website // Bandcamp