Its been a while since TechFest and although the sheer romance of my time there still lives on in the beats of my heart and the haemoglobin it pumps, I still have still have several Journalistic obligations, made there, to fulfil.

One of those was to bring to you the short interview I managed to grab with the planets only purveyors of pure Scouse Tech Metal; Carcer City. They are without doubt or hesitation one of the UK’s hardest working bands and with a live show that needs to be seen to be believed, let them captivate you when they visit your local venue.

But here in their own words are Carcer City.

– How has the last year been for you guys?

Patrick Pinion (vox): Well you rewind a year and we were in a very different situation; we had no drummer, no guitarist. We were like “How do we look to carry on from this?” and then we thought, we’ve just got to get our heads down, Deal with it. We got some new guys in; learnt a new set, wrote a new album. And now we are here.

– With the new guys coming on board, have there been new influences? Not necessarily in the writing but how you approach the performance of it?

PP: I wouldn’t say there were new influences, but that I’m not afraid to include those influences anymore. Its more like: I need to write an album that is completely what I want to do and I think that gives it a sense of identity and makes it a bit more cohesive.

Kyle Reilly (Drums): The unity within the band is definitely there now. Obviously we get aabit stressed out now and then but from what I heard it used to be like, we are all on the same page pulling together.

Lewis Hughes (guitar): we’re all working to the same goal, we all want it. Thats the point, at the end of the day: We’re 5 lads, trying to live the dream and we all want it!

KR: We’ve all quit our jobs, we’re touring the year out solid.

– That sense of unity really comes across on stage. You can see the way the people respond to it.

PP: I think we’re also very harsh on ourselves and we’re like “How can we make our show better? Lets analyse it! What’s it about?” There’s so much more than being able to play the songs. Its a visual thing, you got to entertain people through every sense.

– Entertain them against their will, almost?

PP: Exactly! Be so good they can’t ignore you.

– How did the filming go for the single? (They had filmed crowd participation and stage footage for an upcoming single release)

PP: Its looking good!! I don’t wanna say too much, but you’ll see, you’ll see.

– When I heard the song that you were filming the video for I got a real strong 80’s vibe from it. It sounded to me like an intense Metal version of Spandau Ballet and Frankie Goes To Hollywood.

(At this description the band break into gales of delighted laughter)

– I said to myself “Is this some harcore 80’s pop song that I’ve not heard?” There was a secret compilation and this was on it. Its power was incredible. What is the estimated time for release of the single?

PP: We’re looking towards the end of the year I think. Maybe when we get 20-000 likes on Facebook.

LH: I mean we just want it to out. We could finish the video early and have the single ready but you have got to release things at the right time.

PP: A tactical launch, To synch up with tours and loads of other things.

KR: With this single we really want to let people know that Carcer are back and when the album hits, its going to be built up right, so everyone knows about it.

PP: All you need to know is that the Cogs are turning! Its on its way people, its on its way.

– One last question, the name Carcer City, what does it mean and where does it come from?

PP: Well, Carcer City is taken from the fictional Grand Theft Auto Universe, its a prison city. And its also a Latin translation Carcer – as in In-Carcer-ated; imprisoned. So we like that because it not only has the G.T.A reference but also that it portrayed our desire to break out of our city [Liverpool]. We don’t just want to be a local band, we want to travel, meet new people, see new places, really experience life through playing music.

Carcer City are on Tour throughout Europe this October. Catch them and No Consequence tear it up together in France, UK, Germany, Switzerland, Italy and Belgium!

– John Whitmore

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