With the band recently releasing their 17th studio album, Judas priest are showing they are still in the game and now they have just been announced for their second trip to play Wacken Festival 2015!

Being a band that are truly part of the original group of metal bands that shaped the way for metal along side such metal forces like Iron Maiden and Black Sabbath. it was only a matter of time until they were asked back to play the “True Metal” festival in Wacken, Schleswig-Holstein in Germany following their first run in 2011.

The announcement follows not long after the bands out lash at Metallica for headlining the biggest music festival in the UK, Glastonbury Festival. The band tried to make a point that the first metal band to headline the festival should have been a British band and considering the festivals history and the bands heritage surely they must’ve felt left out and like it should have been them that should’ve been the first metal band to play Glastonbury. But this and many other comments made didn’t stop Metallica from winning over all the naysayers and getting the best crowd reaction they could’ve done! [side note, 4/5 people wanted to sell their tickets after learning that Metallica we’re one of the headlining acts! MADNESS!].

Nevertheless, Judas Priest are seriously a kick ass band with tonnes of experience, an awesome new album to play live and also an incredible back catalogue that will definitely get a great reaction at Wacken 2015 and will be an incredible experience to witness live. If for some reason you’re thinking twice about seeing them, don’t! Just get your ticket to what will likely be one of the top metal festivals of the year and see an iconic band that can still rock like they’re in their twenties!

Alongside Judas Priest Wacken Open Air also announced Black Label Society, Rob Zombie, The BossHoss, and Khold to the 2015 lineup!

– Chris Kemp

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