Think you have a good sound system? LEAF (Large European Acoustic Facility) has you beat. They’ve quite literally built a sound system so powerful it would make you shit yourself… and die. If that’s not brutal, I don’t know what is. All it’s missing is some metal.

Thump (section of VICE) went in to ask some questions about the project earlier this year. You can get all the details right HERE. Here’s an excerpt that comes before the interview itself.

The Large European Acoustic Facility (LEAF) in the Netherlands has inadvertently become home to the most lethal soundsystem ever. They don’t strictly use it for music, instead blasting powerful, spectral noise to test if a rocket can withstand the sheer force of a takeoff. I ended up chatting to the project’s technical manager Riccardo Rinaldi, who talked me through a machine that could blow my ears off, and how good music can’t quite beat loud music.



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