In my searches for new and great discoveries in the ever expanding world of music, I happened upon this gem. Mera is an excellent two man band powered by the mind of guitarist Liam Engl and a bassist named Daniel (not sure what his last name is). They provide cutting edge metal music crossing the rift of modern metal and electronic (“cyberpunk”) music. Their sound blooms with new ideas and general creative force, leaving no second wasted and no energy lost. This band is as talented as they are efficient.

The band describes themselves as such…

Mera is a modern melodic metal band, providing creative songs with their own personality inspired by the dark, gritty, rainwet city streets of a dystopian future.

…and they hit the nail right on the head. The debut EP “Nano” is impressive to say the very least. It packs in 4 tracks of musical energy worth the time and money. But wait! The EP is actually available for a “name your price” download from the Mera Bandcamp! Grab some music and show some much deserved support!


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp