It’s been a week of video games for the Progressive Metal juggernaut that is Periphery. First of all, guitarist Jake Bowen had a custom map he created for Grand Theft Auto V officially made part of the online gaming component. More on that HERE.

Since then, Misha Mansoor, guitarist and founding father of the band has been tapped to write music for the new Halo 2 re-release. Steve Vai and Misha himself have been chosen among others to create the soundtrack of futuristic warfare. The music will also be directly available on the ‘Halo: The Master Chief Collection‘ and the game will hit the Xbox One come November 11th.

A preview of Misha’s track has been made available here. Give a listen.

HaloSound2 by Abriael

Stay tuned for more. Also, don’t forget Periphery is currently in the process of recording the rabidly anticipated concept album, Juggernaut!

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Halo: Official Website // Pre-Order