The Dali Thundering concept is definitely the band you should be looking at in Europe right now. If you don't know them… well, they're the band you're missing right now.

They're yet another mind-blowing modern metal act from France. But these guys delivered some really unethical mathcore and djenty riffage with their recent single, "Phoenix", that blew many of our minds in June when it was released. That song featured guest vocals from Molotov Solution's Nick Arthur.

With their newest single, they decided to bring another big guest vocalist with them. And this time we're talking about one of those game-changing names: Ashe O'Hara, former TesseracT vocalist before the recent return of Daniel Tompkins. The song is called "Beyond Mirrors" and it definitely keeps up the high level of this bands newest material. It will be included on their upcoming, debut album, "Eyes Wide Opium", that will be out October 19th. It's already available for pre-order at the band's official store! Go listen to the new tracks and check out the album teaser! Get stoked!

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