There's one helluva album incoming at the beginning of next week! Musical mastermind Clément Belio has been working hard constructing what could arguably be called a modern masterpiece. "Contrast" offers 1 hour 20 minutes of brilliant music in a similar vein to artists like Plini and David Maxim Micic. Every song has something unique and surprising waiting just around the corner for you. I highly recommend you keep your eyes open for that or simply tune back in to The Circle Pit where we'll have it spreading.

But first thing's first. Here's your very first taste of the majesty to come! We teamed up with Clément to bring you the first "Contrast" single with a quirky name, "Jumpz". This incredible track is truly a mere glimpse of what's heading your way. Prepare yourselves and press "play"!

Fun fact- this track features a blazing guest solo from Max Michel (Kadinja, ex-The Algorithm), easily one of the best guitarists out of France. Enjoy!


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