Blut Aus Nord, is by now a black metal legend. Formed in 1994 as a solo project by Vindsval (current vocalist and guitarist), this avant-garde black metal band released their 10th studio album in 2012, “777 – Cosmophony” the third episode of their “777″ trilogy. It was anticipated by two more releases in 2011, “Sect(s)” and “The Desantification”. Give those incredible albums a listen if you haven’t already.

But now has come the time for new music! Blut Aus Nord have released their next conquest. “Memoria Vetusta III – Saturnian Poetry” this month. And you can listen to the whole thing right here, right now! The album is officially available for streaming and purchase through the Debemur Morti Productions Bandcamp page. Enjoy!

P.S. Also check the brilliant artwork by Kristian “Necrolord” Wahlin (Mercyful Fate, Emperor, Bathory, At The Gates, Wintersun, etc). Nothing says Black Metal quite like a moonlit forest.


Links: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes // Bandcamp