The deathmeisters in Abysmal Dawn have just put out a brand new music video! And keeping in tradition with their previous videography efforts, it's a pretty kickass video! It's dark and twisted in nature with some excellent film technique put into place. Not to mention the song itself is great. Here's what the band had to say:

“Lyrically this one is about losing your idealism and becoming a cold, unfeeling shell of a human being, in order to survive our modern society. An inanimate object if you will; one without hope that has cut themselves off from emotion. Our experiences in this life can carve us into stone, but they can also desensitize us in the process. In short, this might be the most depressing song you ever wanted to circle pit too.”

Depressed circle pits? Yeah, this gets our stamp of approval. Watch it right here, right now!


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