The Boys in Bloodshot Dawn, Southern England’s most exciting Extreme-Tech-Death-Groove Indefinables, have been working hard to bring you what will be their second full-length album, "Demons". And so far, that album is sounding BRILLIANT!

I can this with full confidence having just listened to the two available tracks, "Smoke and Mirrors" and "The Image Faded". The one is available for listening through Bandcamp, where you can also pre-order the album (or you could get physical right HERE!). "Smoke and Mirrors", on the other hand, received a glorious music video to bolster its arrival. You can scope out all of the goods down yonder.

"Demons" is coming out on October 26th. Keep your eyes peeled!

Another fun fact – This album is an example of crowdfunding gone right! Kudos to Bloodshot Dawn!


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