Most people have heard of industrial music or industrial metal such as Fear Factory. But a sub-genre within industrial is an extremely underground form of music called power electronics. This style of music (if you really want to call it that) involves the most extreme ways of creating noises and "melodies" with electronic equipment, distortion pedals, or anything you can find that makes noise.

Jen Wallis has decided to create a book about this extreme style of music. She already has a publisher backing her up on this work. She is asking writers to contribute.

"Chapters might be based around one album/band/technology etc., or take a broader view. They should be between 5,000 and 8,000 words, but can be structured in any way you like. Alongside the chapters will be short album reviews (15-20 in all, of 500-800 words). You are welcome to write a chapter and a review, or simply a review."

If you like this style of music and want to help, you can contact Jen at [email protected]. If you have any ideas for chapters or reviews, let her know by November 30.

check out the videos below if you are new to this style of music.

– The Vociferator (Benjamin Kosanke)

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