If you haven't heard, Devin Townsend has a new double album making planet fall on October 28th! A double album brought by his hilarious alien alter ego, Ziltoid.

In celebration of this, the mad musical genius is currently releasing a series appropriately dubbed as "ZTV" aka Ziltoid TV. He just released the second episode and here's what the man had to say:

“Ok guys, episode 2! Wow… Ziltoid heats up and takes the pole position as the most adolescent use of capital by a dude my age! : ) Oh well, it’s a metaphor (or whatever).

Anyways, the main version of the album ‘Dark Matters’ has a dialogue throughout and the three episodes we’re airing are intended to preface that story so it makes a modicum of sense. Episode 2 gives an insight into why Ziltoid is so childish, but ultimately it’s just something we had fun with. Plus you finally get to see Herman, the Planet Smasher!

Whenever folks complain about plot inconsistencies, grammatical errors or pronunciation issues, I simply get to reply: ‘well that’s how it is on Ziltoid’s planet…’ Then carry on.

Episode 2! Enjoy : )


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