If I had to describe this band’s sound in one word, it would be ethereal. Hailing from Poland, Disperse is a musical unit flaunting massive potential playing what they’ve dubbed as “Fantasy Music”. Essentially this is done through a solid combination of Progressive Metal and Progressive Rock elements along with a fusion side, atmospheric greatness, and some of the tastiest musical segments you’ll hear in awhile. This is evinced in full on their 2013 album, “Living Mirrors” (released via Season of Mist).

In celebration of that monumental release, Disperse have just put out their second music video. First time around, they released "Enigma of Abode". This time, they brought a much different, but arguably better music video in the laid back "Message From Atlantis". The incredible song even got a facelift from a David Maxim Micic mix among other embellishments such as a re-recorded solo from the man Jakub Zytecki.

Give the video a go and if you enjoy, "Living Mirrors" stands as a highly recommended album – especially for all the prog heads of the world.

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