Looks like Evan Brewer and Alex Rüdinger got their faces back… Consequently, both of these hyper talented musicians have departed from The Faceless. This is sad news indeed for fans of the band.

Both musicians put out press releases regarding this move. Evan Brewer had the following to say:

"After almost four years of good times with The Faceless I've decided to leave the band. I just feel that it's time for me to make this move because I want to make new music, do more teaching, and to also have availability for any musical opportunities that may arise. The Faceless is a full time band and they need members who can commit to that schedule. I would like to thank the fans of the band for embracing me and encourage them to continue their support of The Faceless."

Our local hero, Alex Rüdinger, had the following to say:

"After much thought I've decided that it is time for me to leave The Faceless to pursue other projects and seek out other opportunities. I will be looking for work; I love touring, writing, and recording and plan on doing all of these things for a long time to come. I would like to thank the band, as well as every person that attended a show in the last two years. I saw a lot of places and made some great friends along the way; it was a great experience.

"I'd also like to apologize to any fans that were planning on coming out to see me with the band next week at Knotfest, as well as Europe next month. I'm sure I will see you all again at some point in the future! I wish the band the best of luck, I have no doubts they will continue onward. Thanks."

There's no saying what this will mean ultimately for the future of The Faceless but Michael Keene will likely push on as he always has. Here's some music while you mourn.

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