Spawning Abhorrence kick hefty amounts of arse.

This band lays in a nice combination of slamming Technical Death Metal and Grindcore with some Progressive elements to boot. Add all of this up and you have one destructive musical payload. It has been dropped in the form of their debut, full-length album "The Cursed Earth". Literally just released on the world this month, this album shows strong promise for the band. All 9 tracks bring something fresh to the table while simultaneously staying grounded in a nostalgic metal feeling. Not too many bands can pull that off with a debut so kudos to Spawning Abhorrence. And this is only the beginning.

This is also your lucky day! Not only can you listen to "The Cursed Earth" from start to finish with a simple click of the "play" button on our official album stream below, you can "name your price" for the entire album! That's right, Spawning Abhorrence are offering up their debut for your enjoyment on Bandcamp. Please show these metal folk some support! They deserve it \m/


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp