Fearless Records has been out shopping recently and apparently they came home with some Birmingham progressive/metalcore in the appearance of Oceans Ate Alaska. Check out the newest addition to the Fearless family>>>

Oceans Ate Alaska bio:
"Stemming from Birmingham, UK, the furious five-piece Oceans Ate Alaska is made up of James Harrison (Vocals), James Kennedy (Guitar), Adam Zytkiewicz (Guitar), Mike Stanton (Bass), and Chris Turner (Drums). The band offers a progressive strain of experimental modern metalcore that has gotten the band noticed as one of metal's most exciting and fresh young names. With music as unpredictable as it is expressive, the band found inspiration for their name from the world's largest recorded mega-tsunami – measuring at 1,700 feet high – that demolished Alaska's coastline in 1958. The band was attracted to the natural disaster's national headline that read "Oceans Ate Alaska" where they decided to carry the name on a path to make their own history. 

By pushing sonic boundaries, Oceans Ate Alaska aim to take listeners on an emotional journey through unpredictable arrangements (both heavy and melodic), ruthless riffs, and unforgiving gutteral vocals; setting an atmospheric landscape that showcases the band's technical skill. 

Currently putting the finishing touches on their first full-length and Fearless debut, set to release in early 2015."

Download Oceans Ata Alaska's single "Blood Brothers" for FREE here!

Oceans Ate Alaska: Official Website // Facebook //Twitter // Instagram: @oceansatealaska