As a continuation of last week's "Free Music Monday" submission, I present you with more Elder Scrolls Metal!

Tamriel is a solo side-project of Jak Noble who also has an ambient metal project called Returning We Hear the Larks. This project is considered technical/progressive death metal/deathcore, with a nice djenty flavor to do with it. With its amazing soundscapes and atmospheres, this EP, "Blood and Ebony," serves as a great portal into the mystical land of Tamriel / Skyrim / The Elder Scrolls, without needing to purchase and play the game. His lyrics are wonderful and quite descriptive. If anyone of you have played the game, you'll understand all the allusions used and names mentioned within the verse and chorus. The guitars are aggressive and quite djenty with the rhythms and breakdowns. The musicality of this legendary EP is quite well executed.

So get you nerd on. Turn on your Xbox, Steam, etc. And jam out to this awesome Oblivion Metal!


Links: Bandcamp