Unless you've lived under a rock for the past few months, you should have no problem recalling the days when your Facebook and Twitter feeds were full of "A.L.S. Ice Bucket Challenge" videos. Well… This is kind of like that…..

The dudes in Ice Nine Kills have called you out and want you to take part in what they want to be next big thing: "The Blindfold Challenge." The boys from Boston initiated this ordeal to help raise funds and spread awareness for Mitochondrial disease.

Here's what they have to say>>>

On his Facebook, Spencer Charnas (Vocals/Screams) posts:

"To everyone who sees this post, I nominate you for the "BLINDFOLD CHALLENGE" in connection with the new Ice Nine Kills song 'Jonathan' and mitochondrial disease!

Watch the video and follow these instructions:

1. Print out the Bull’s-Eye board HERE
2. Secure the print-out to a wall, grab a pin, and a blindfold (If no printer, just draw your own target!)
3. Give the participant the pin and blindfold them then give them a few good spins
4. Face them in the general direction of the board where they will place their pin
5. Wherever the pin lands is how much that person is suggested to donate HERE where all donations will go to MitoAction. Anyone who gets the bull’s-eye can donate an amount of their choice.
6. Nominate a few friends and let them know they have 24 hours to do it!

To learn more about Mitochondrial disease visit HERE
Make donations HERE


You've been informed… Now make a difference.

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