This Jazz / Math Rock quartet was recommended by our good friend Clément Belio, who was actually responsible for mixing and mastering the music your about to hear. Itzamna are a fresh, new band emerging from Bordeaux, France. They bring a righteous sound and a high talent level with them for their world debut. It seems as if they've been working very hard to bring us something original and interesting on their first ever EP, "Metnal". It merges a number of great ideas and displays joint musicianship at it's finest. You'll be able to give the whole thing a listen come November 5th, 2014, when it will receive a Bandcamp release.

If you would like a good taste of the tasty music heading your way, look to the single primed and ready for "play" below. "Kiska" was just released and is ready for the ears of music lovers worldwide. Check this one out.

Links: Facebook // YouTube