Job for a Cowboy have been a band I can always rely on to release a great death metal record. The Doom EP really brought the band to everyone’s attention, especially with the track “Entombment of a Machine” but what really cemented their position as a Death Metal band was the full-length album Genesis. This album set the bar for them and every release has met this bar with ease. This new album, “Sun Eater”, looks to be no exception.

The new sound takes a departure from the bands core style of straight up, pounding death metal and seems to be trying to create a more ambient and eerie atmosphere that’s more akin to the progressive metal genre. It’s sound can be likened to previous tracks such as “The Divine Falsehood” from “Genesis and “Tarnished Gluttony” from “Demonocracy” but has something new about it. It includes a groove more likely heard from progressive metal bands and this is something that JFAC have pulled off to perfection.

Their newest display of this comes through the track "Eating The Visions of God" which was released as an exclusive through MetalSucks. This serves as a wonderful follow up to the first musical evidence in "Sun of Nihility". Go ahead and check it out. And keep in mind the new album is coming November 11th through Metal Blade Records!





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