Blurring the boundaries between post-rock and progressive metal, the avent-garde juggernaut of Leprous has been slowly gathering momentum for the last 10 years. Developing their own highly distinctive brand of pomp-led angular emotional song craft, which so far produced 4 scintilating albums. The latest of which, Coal, assails the senses with its grandiose sense of melody, which is fused to such resolute and driving rhythms that the diverse talents of Queen and Uneven Structure are synthesised in the mind as one listens.

Highly dynamic on stage, I was so entranced by their live show that I just had to speak with them to find out what went into making Leprous such an exciting, effervescent proposition.

I was lucky enough to spend some time with guitarist Tor Suhrke and vocalist Einar Solberg, after the first date of their UK tour in London.

If you like you music bold and brazen with a highly developed sense of what is fabulous then I sincerely recommend that you check them out.

– John Whitmore

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