Our favourite French mind-fucker The Algorithm hasn't quit releasing awesome tunes after the recent release of his second album "Octopus-4" this summer. In fact, he just uploaded a new song to his YouTube channel called "Terminal". The good news is that his old-school fans will like it because of the multiple electronic influences, this time taken especially from ambient and even breakcore in some passages. But you can read how Rèmi himself presents it below. Take a look and enjoy the new song!

I started writing this track in June 2014, a good break and a few tours after the last album, I saw the production process as an opportunity for me to explore a lot of different things at the same time, like guitars and some sound design techniques.

The track has a strong melancholic or even nostalgic vibe to it, which is something that I can't seem to get rid of, but it still shows a lot more modernity and clarity in the production value. I guess it mostly sounds like post-rock meets IDM, but the mood is dark and unstable, and when you think there'll be hope you realize it's all chaos and fear. Its not a sad song, it's a song about fragility.

I think it says a lot about myself, and about the people I meet, at the end of the day we are all watching the world growing into a globalized and complicated culture and we have to fight for what we believe as we all carry our own values and knowledge from the past.

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