Every once in awhile a band comes along that can deter you from your normal day life, and give you the uncontrolled urge to smash every single thing in sight. Your vision flashes red, your blood begins to boil, and you let the heaviness of the music take you into a place where all you can focus on is utter destruction. Purge out of Woodland Hills, CA is that kind of band. This group treats you to an endless onslaught of soul crushing breakdowns and filthy downtempo slams. They’re a new act, seeing as they just released their first EP “In Expurgate”, but they have potential to be one of the heaviest hitting bands in the deathcore scene. I was able to get a quick interview with the vocalist and bassist of the deathcore unit from Southern California.

Bradley Dern (myself) = B     Andrew España (vocalist)= A      Dominique Brown (Bassist) = D

B: So how would you guys describe your sound?

A: In my own opinion I think that's a pretty tough question. I feel like every song sounds like a different genre the the other. I guess overall all I'd say deathcore with some hints of beatdown and downtempo. All I care about when it comes to sound is the feeling fans get when they hear a song. I want them to feel the chill down their spine and say holy shit.. That was nasty. (in a good way of course)

D: The best way to describe our sound, would be a mix of deathcore and down tempo.

B: What is your writing process? How does the music come together for Purge

A: We wrote most of the songs the day we went to record. I know it sounds pretty sloppy but when we sat down in the studio something just takes over and we end up writing something that just takes a life of its own.

D: I usually hear the music in my head and I take it to the bass and try to figure out how to play it, then I'll try to take it to the guys which can be hard at time because I'm showing them the bass part but, we just jam off of that and it goes from there.

B: Coke or Pepsi?

A: Haha this is a funny one. Our bassist Dominique's dad actually works for coke. So I think he would have to say coke. I hate both. I'm all about the Dr. Pepper life.

D: Coke, but I'd agree with Andrew the DR. Never let's me down

B: Tell me a little about your EP “In Expurgate”; what state of mind were you guys in when putting together these songs?

A: We definitely wanted this ep to be a heavy hitting album. We wrote this lyric as a catalyst to express our hate and frustration to many things we experience in life. I think I'm in a pretty dark state of mind when I write my lyrics. I'm usually pretty hate filled and angry when I write. I've taken a bit of criticism from a few friends and family members that say my lyrics are too violent. But we live in a violent society. What do you expect?

D: Well we came out of our old band wanting to make heavier music and we didn't jam for a long time but our desire to write something heavy didn't. We wanted our songs to be an outlet for people as they were for us.

B: What are your major musical influences?

A: Me personally the list goes on for pages. If I had to narrow it to a handful I would say what originally made me want to write music were bands like The Black Dahlia Murder, Job For A Cowboy, Emmure, and Upon A Burning Body. Now I would have to say my biggest inspirations would be bands like traitors, The Acacia Strain, Feign, Black Tongue, Carnifex, Whitechapel, Lorna shore and I Declare War. Told you it went on.

D: Well the the only reason I wanted to play bass was because of Dream Theater's "Panic Attack". The bass in that song had me in awe and my goal from day one was to play that song. I try to take techniques from other people and do what they aren't because in the end of the day I want to sound like me.

B: Lets get down to it. Who would you fuck/marry/kill: Phil Bozeman, Randy Blythe, and Tomas Haake.

A: I would have to marry Phil Bozeman. The man is one of my favorite vocalist. Definitely fuck Randy. I love lamb of God. But I couldn't see myself having a life with randy haha. I know a lot of people will hate for this but definitely kill Tomas haake. I am not a fan of Meshuggah at all. So didn't have to think too hard on that one sorry everyone.

D: Hmm.. that's hard but if I had too fuck randy blythe; marry Phil bozeman; kill Tomas Haake

B: If you could play your dream show, who else would be on the bill?

A: That's too hard haha. It would definitely have to be a festival like Mayhem or slaughter. But I'd choose Carnifex, TBDM, Traitors, Feign, Black Tongue, The Acacia Strain, Whitechapel, Lorna shore, I Declare War, Thy Art Is Murder, Oceano, The Dialectic, and xKingx.

D: It would be Purge, Death, TBDM and I Declare War

B: What does the future hold for the band? Any tour plans or a full length album in the works?

A: I definitely see a bright future for us. Now that we have a drummer we plan to start playing as many shows as possible. I wish we could tour but that's probably unlikely right now. But if any one reading this likes our music and needs a band to fill in a tour spot or wants to sign us ;) let your boy know haha. But seriously if we got the chance to tour we’ll take it. For now though definitely expect to see us all around Southern California.

D: YES! We want to take all the feedback from the EP and just push ourselves as far as we can go and try to play a lot of shows, we want to have fun as a band and with any fan who's willing to join in

Well there you have it. Check out the links below if you want to listen to some deathcore that will rip your fucking head off. Again thanks to the guys from Purge for the interview.

-Bradley D

Links: Facebook // YouTube // Bandcamp