Black Crown Initiate is looking to raise a good chunk of change for a new touring vehicle. Here's the campaign along with the official statement below.

Black Crown Initiate is made up of five talented members and touring is becoming a way of life for us. In order to keep making our tour dates, we need a reliable and safe vehicle.

Your contribution would help us continue achieving our dream and possibly save our lives while we're on the road. Especially in the winter seasons!

We need $25,000 to pay in full for a newer and safer 15 passenger van. Our band literally lives inside this van for tours that last up to 6 weeks and have lead us through some dangerous parts of the country.

We've come up with some unique and exciting perks to offer in exchange for your support. We want to do as much as possible to show our appreciation to our funders, so some of our perks are more of a once in a lifetime opportunity!

If we don't meet our $25,000 goal, you will still receive your awesome perks and your generous contributions still go towards a down payment on a better van that isn't a tin can driving through the Rockies.

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