The Indian Metal scene has been rife with activity recently with gargantuan gigs being staged left right and center, releases crawling out of the woodwork, PHEW! In a close knit community were everyone is under everyone else’s scrutiny, originality seems to be a big motivation for the sub continental Metal militias. One of the freshest, unconventional acts that the Indian scenario has heard in the recent times would be Cynic Bliss. Granted, quite the commonplace nomenclature, however do not be fooled by this Jabalpur, India based 5-piece. They pack quite a punch for a bunch of freshers.

Cynic Bliss have put out a new single called “Dessicated” and needless to say it speaks of musical maturity that can easily fool a listener as to the band and its comprising members’ age. Eschewing the bandwagon of >6 string guitars and lower-than-thou tuned chugs, the band combines melodic leads with some unconventional progressive structuring and unearthly high screeches and mid-range vocal fries. Sample yourself.



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