"Tool, Pink Floyd and Kyuss had a baby monster. They named it Jahoomha."

That brief statement just about says it all. This Swedish band might just give you Stockholm Syndrome if you allow their music to capture your ears. They successfully blend Progressive Rock and Stoner Metal with psychedelic and ambient themes to boot.

The band just released a BRAND NEW EP yesterday. Jahoomha's "Black Waves" manages to pack a good bit of solid content into 7 tracks averaging around 5+ minutes a piece (with the exception of 2 interludes). The release proves to be quite the creative venture, bringing the listener through a variety of sound and experience.

If you enjoy any or all of the bands found in the opening statement or simply enjoy some creativity, you should really give this a go. A world of "Black Waves" is waiting. And better yet, the entire release is available for a "name your price" download on Bandcamp! Show some support!


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