Look familiar?

There's a monster rising from South Florida. Pathways sound like an incredible cross between The Human Abstract and Born of Osiris while bringing several elements of their own. This 5 man band is hyper-talented in every way, shape, and form. And it really shows on their latest EP offering, "Harlot".

"Harlot" packs in 5 tracks of extreme shred and technicality serving as a true feast for the ears. And we're more than proud to be streaming the EP in its entirety on TheCirclePitTV. Give it a good listen or 10 down below!

The entire "Harlot" EP is available for $1 on Bandcamp where you can also find a free download link. As if that wasn't great enough, instrumental versions are also available for those of you who want to pick apart the greatness. Grab some music and show this South Floridian band some love! Don't sleep on these guys or you'll truly be missing out on something awesome.


Links: Facebook // Bandcamp