The Brit School for performing arts and technology has produced quite a number of hugely successful musicians. From Mike Malyan to Katie Melua the list is as long as it is varied. If there is any justice in the world 3 more names will soon to be added to their list of famous alumni. Press To MECO write songs of spectacular catchiness, yet manage to include enough technicality and heaviness to keep even the most cynical bods smiling and shaking their heads in gleeful disbelief.

With no single "frontman" they share vocal duties equally. Blending harmonies and lead lines as though they were born in a German factory and were tonally matched. Now I realise that 3 part harmonies and cute looking young men might not be what you want from your music but give them a try, they astounded me at this years TechFest, captivating one of the after-parties with the kind of brilliance that could make Pre-teens forget One Direction and make older minds feel the vibrant rush of youth again.

They opened the second stage at Download this year, unfortunately going directly up against any Metalheads favourite suggestion (why not) Dying Fetus. So give them a listen, I think you'll have a very pleasant surprise coming your way

– John Whitmore

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