Denmark 6-piece combo, Raunchy, has been among the pioneers of smart electronic influences in modern metal for over 20 years now. Their vocalist Mike Semesky got his name spread around the globe after he toured with The HAARP Machine and became the steady vocalist Intervals.

This is definitely one of the most underrated European acts out there. They're now releasing their 6th full-length studio album "Vices, Virtues, Visions" though Massacre Records, four years after their latest release "A Discord Electric". Many of us probably loved this band but probably lost them on the way through the years and we're here to remind you of their existence.

The new album dropped on November 14th and you can listen to some of the tracks below. This includes the main single "Truth Taker". If you dig it, head to iTunes right now and purchase it!

Links: Facebook // Official Website // iTunes