There have been a few notable covers for the legendary Star Wars "Imperial March" of late. One on actual drums and one via asshole (literally). Let us begin…

Jesus look alike and drumming mastermind, Sam “Samus” Paulicelli, is one of the members of Decrepit Birth. It needs to be said this guy has been spending wayyy too much time with his bowels of late. This isn't the first video he has created via farts. In fact, he was responsible for the viral "Fart Metal" video. He has appeared to hone his gas welding skill further since with this illustrious cover of "The Imperial March". Check it out (if you dare).

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On the other side of the coin, here's a serious cover from another drummer. Grant McFarland (ex-This or the Apocalypse) has always been a wizard with the sticks. Currently, he works with production at Atrium Audio (currently helping August Burns Red, I believe). In his free time, he developed this awesome rendition on the skins. MARCH!

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