Though I do talk a lot about how I enjoy filthy brutal music, I do sometimes like to deviate from my norm and listen to something more tranquil and relaxing. Symphony Novel is a progressive metal/experimental group out of Mumbai, India that has a sweet, soft sound that melts in your ears like butter. This particular track “Ethereal Ash” features a unique blend of Indian classical harmonies and western style vocals combined with the melodic use of the an acoustic cello layered above heavy rhythm guitars and clean guitars. It sounds like the soundtrack to a great journey where you’re flying amongst the clouds and you burst through and reach the stars. When listening to it, I felt like I was connected with my spirit energy; a very peaceful feeling. I enjoy that they incorporate aspects of traditional Indian music into their sound, it adds a certain character to the music and it harmonizes well with the western vocals. The inclusion of the acoustic cello adds so much atmospheric depth to the song. If you’re looking for some soothing progressive music (which I find good for productivity), then I definitely recommend checking out Symphony Novel.

-Bradley D


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