Ever wonder what happens on a week long tour? Well, The Sun Explodes, those charming, Cumbrian chaps have recently finished a week long jaunt around the UK and they have made a short but deliciously sweet video documenting the downtime and Hi-Jinx.

Sharing the bill with the insanely talented Press To Meco and being driven around these fair Isles by the voice of No Consequence, Kaan Tasan, the video is a delightful snapshot of how a tour can be mundane and hillarious; often at the same time.

Filled with music from both bands with a special appearance by UK new comers Polymath. Give it a watch, its life affirming and totally not disturbing. Which considering it was put together by TSE frontman Dave Maclachlan, is quite surprising.

Press To Meco have just finished work on their debut album, more details soon and The Sun Explodes are currently writing their 3rd LP.

Kaan has a really nice van. Its got an X-Box. And nice seats. He's a really good driver. Cats like him, so he can't be all bad.

– John Whitmore

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